Monday, January 25, 2010

Bewildered by B'Shalach

DovBear's thoughts concerning Shirat HaYam/The Song of the Sea, sung when our ancestors reached the far side of the Reed Sea/Yam Suf, having see the Egyptians drown, are related to mine. DB wants to know how thousands of people could have sung the same previously-unknown song spontaneously and simultaneously. I've been wondering how on earth Shirat HaYam could include a reference to a sanctuary that hadn't even been mentioned yet, much less built. (See Exodus chapter 15, verse 17 in Parshat B'Shalach).


Blogger The Reform Baal Teshuvah said...

I looked at Dovbear's question and thought "The lyrics appeared miraculously in the clouds, and the Israelites 'followed the bouncing ball' after the manner of Mitch Miller sing-alongs."

Tue Jan 26, 08:28:00 AM 2010  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...


Mike S. made the same suggestion in the comments to DB's post, mentioning that "Readers younger than 45 or so may not get this," which is probably true. :)

Tue Jan 26, 10:26:00 AM 2010  

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